Konik library and iText-Carriage version 0.1.0 released

02 März 2014

Today, the Konik library and the Konik iText Carriage were released to the Maven Central Repository. Both libraries carry the version 0.1.0.

Release Notes

Since this is the first release, everything has changed in comparison to the previous version. These Release Notes are intended to highlight what already works, what does not work, and what you can expect for the next release.

The ZUGFeRD model is completely supported by Konik. Reading and writing XML content according to the ZUGFeRD specification is working.

On the Konik to-do list, there are various model validations that have still not been implemented.

iText-Carriage allows users to attach and extract ZUGFeRD Model Data from a PDF. The functionality is still limited because currently, iText-Carriage strictly expects the incoming PDFs to be PDF/3-B compliant. However, this will change with a feature release. The second issue is that in the current state, no XMP Metadata is written to the PDF when the XML content is attached.

A zip distribution package in the Maven Central Repository is intended for users who are not using a Build System. The package contains the Konik libraries and all dependent libraries.

All artifacts can be found on Maven Central by the Group ID: io.konik.

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